What is Carwale.com

Carwale.com offers direct benefits and cost savings by simplifying car deals between dealers and customers. Carwale.com is an internet website providing marketing services that helps dealers sell cars and build brands through efficient marketing, advertising and communication tools. Company’s objective is to create India’s leading car portal to attract buyers of new and used cars and to deliver quality purchase requests at a low cost to car dealers.

We are continuously expanding the dealer network and the total stock of cars on Carwale.com. We strive to become the largest syndicated car buying network in India and interact with thousands of internet visitors as they make their vehicle buying decisions.


Dealer FAQ

How can Carwale.com. help a New Car Dealer?

Carwale.com can help you acquire more customers for byuing new Cars. Carwale.com atrracts new car buyers by offering them various information on cars they are looking for. This help customers make their decision and request a Free Price Quote. Based on Customer's location and preferences, we send their request to New Car Dealers for providing free price quotes. After a customer receive the price quote, they can make a decision to buy a car from the dealer. Thus, carwale enables a hassle free and convenioent decision making for your prospective customers. This saves your time and money.
We send service reminders and recall notices to customers and help you generate after sales business too.

Providing serious qualified shoppers to our network of Accredited dealers is what we strive to deliver consistently.

How can Carwale.com. help a Used Car Dealer?

Carwale.com offers biggest repository to highlight your used Cars. Customers can shortlist Cars using various search parameters and then can directly reach you. You can also sponsor cars in 'highlights of the day'.

Is carwale a free Service for customers looking to buy a car?

Thousands of car shoppers use our service every day. There's no obligation and it's absolutely free.

How do you ensure a positive experience for customers?

Providing a great shopping experience for customers is the core part of our service. We are always improving our website by adding features and tools. Additionally we attempt to survey each customer who submits a purchase request several times throughout the car buying experience. We encourage customer's input, as it is important in providing feedback to our network of dealers.

Is your service available nationally?

Our dealer network services are currently available in Mumbai. Our classified and other tools on website can be accessed from anywhere.

How do I get registered with Carwale.com?

It's simple and quick. Click on 'Dealer' link on Carwale homepage. Then click on 'new Dealer Sign up here' under Dealer Account. Fill this form online and we shall mail you your login details. You have to submit a membership fee based on the membership services you registered for. Once this is done, your account is activated and you can access carwale.com to advertise your stock and get purchase requests from our online visitors.

Do I have to take separate Membership for Used Cars and New Cars?

Yes. You can take either or both the membership.

How will I be contacted by buyers after I post my ad?

It's just like a print ad, except it's easier at Carwale.com! Now that your vehicle is posted, interested parties may contact you regarding your vehicle. On clicking seller name in your vehicle details of your ad, your contact information is displayed as well as a direct link to an email if you provided an email address. So, buyers can contact you directly by phone or email, depending on the information you provided.

The advantage of the online ad is you can modify and add more information to your ad easily at any time to attract more buyers!

Once my car is sold, how do I let you know so you can remove my car for sale?

  1. You can contact Customer Service at contact@Carwale.com to have them remove it for you.
  2. You may remove your car by going to your account on dealer page and use delete car option. Select "Edit Your Stock" on the left hand site of the page. A list of all your current ads will be displayed and you will see an option to "Remove Ad" beside any ad which is active. If you choose to remove the ad, it will become inactive and will not show up in a search. However, you will be able to activate the ad again if you like. After you choose to 'Delete the Ad' the ad will be removed from the system and your ad will not be there on website any longer.
  3. if you are using Trading cars dealers managemnet software solution then you can simply synchronise the stock by going to option 'Update My Stock'.

How do I change my contact information in "Dealer Account" ?

In order to update your contact information, log into "Dealer Account" using your login and password. Then select "Upadate Contact Details" and make the necessary changes.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Customer Service can be reached by email at contact@Carwale.com. We are available by phone 7 days a week.